Sponsored Products helps natural skincare company more than double sales.

Tree To Tub is dedicated to manufacturing natural, eco-friendly, and quality skincare products with minimal impact to the world around them. Their products are manufactured in the Taiwan & the US

“Sponsored Products has changed the way we launch new products and helps build the momentum we need to drive more sales on Amazon.”– Brian Quach, Co-Founder of Tree To Tub

Tree To Tub wanted to gain visibility and drive sales for their products sold on Amazon , so they launched their first Sponsored Products campaign in April 2017. Tree To Tub was able to get started in just minutes, allowing them to gain impressions and drive sales quickly.

The initial results proved that Sponsored Products could drive sales; however, Quach saw an opportunity to improve the return on investment (ROI). Using the advertising reports in Seller Central and the optimization capabilities within Campaign Manager, in just 6 months Tree To Tub was able to achieve a 2x - 5x ROI within their Sponsored Products campaigns.

Leveraging a partner to accelerate Sponsored Products growth

Encouraged by these numbers and wanting to scale their advertising further whilst growing other areas of the business, the brand turned to Velocity Advertising – an Amazon Advertising Agency that supports Amazon sellers – to help manage their growing number of ad campaigns. Velocity helped Tree To Tub outsource their advertising completely and were able to spend more time growing their business. This allowed them to focus on other opportunities and to grow at a faster rate.

Since getting started with Sponsored Products, Tree To Tub’s overall monthly sales grew over 338% from 2017 compared to 2018. This was achieved by introducing new SKU's and variations of their products while simultaneously running ads with Sponsored Products. Tree To Tub has gone from running one Sponsored Products campaign to running over 170+ campaigns for their 16-product lineup. Sponsored Products now accounts for Circa 30%+ and up to 45% of their monthly sales volume on some SKU's

Quach is committed to advertising to grow his Amazon sales, saying, “We use Sponsored Products because of the ease and speed of setting up campaigns to produce incremental revenue for our Amazon business.”

"I remember vividly telling Velocity that we were averaging 300-400 orders per week and that my goal is to double that number. As of today, we are averaging 300-400 orders per day / 2000-2500 per week. We couldn’t be happier that we partnered with Velocity and what the effects of their team and system have had for our success!”– Brian Quach, Co-Founder of Tree To Tub